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PostSubject: FUN PROJECT: TALES OF BRAVERY   Tue Apr 08, 2014 4:03 am

Ok then just to be clear I d on't plan on making this into a real game. This is just something we used to do in the old forums so I decided to take a shot at it as well hoping that it might lure in more members

Now on to the story  ( pardon if its lame I've only played ToP,ToI and ToWRM so I don't know much about story structure of tales games)

The World

Tales of Bravery is set in the world of Mystel. A world which was once a beautiful paradise that was the home for not only humans and monsters but the spirits of nature as well. But due to rapid industrialization a lot of the world turned into urban cities and the spirits who provided magic energy to the planet died out. Because of this, several corporations created Pillars. A towering device that allowed humans to absorb energy from a magical field that exists outside the planet (oh the gundam 00 references) to provide magical energy for the planet.

The Pillars- there are 6 of these magical towers one for each continent. Unknown to the public is that each of these contain's a spirit or should I say a cloned spirit kept in stasis to serve as sort of a magic generator. The tower absorbs energy while the spirit convert it to mana which is then dispersed into the continent.

Mystel has 6 continents

Rosemark- a continent that boast its beautiful greenery and flower fields. Its capital city Rosemark is ruled by a kind king and is the home of the Rosemark military as well as the Rosemark Military Academy which trains and provides security for the entire continent as well for those other places that need it.  The rosmark pillar contains a clone of Gnome the spirit of earth

Glaces (pronounced glasis)- despite the name this continent actually isn't that icy but its still pretty cold . Sure its a snowy continent but it has enough greenery to provide for its inhabitants. Aside from the capital city Auroa  the continent is mostly made of small villages that rely on hunting for a living. The Glaces pillar contains a clone of Undine the spirit of water

Zephyria - the city of windmills. the biggest continent in Mystel and known for its huge farm lands and vast plains. Its capital  Silfe is a huge city that oozes commerce. The Glaces pillar contains a clone of Syph the spirit of wind

Agnes- a continent with a huge desert and is comparable to the wild west . Despite being a desert people are actually able to raise crops and livestock thanks to the huge greenhouses that uses magitechnology to maintain the temperature for the crops. It isn't a very prosperous continent and needs to rely on imports. It capital Ignis is a port that manages the imports. The Agnes pillar contains a clone of Ifrit the spirit of fire.

Bismarc- the most technologically advance city. Mostly full of skyscrapers and train stations. Although its pretty prosperous , they have to rely on imports due to the fact that the continent has very little space to raise crops. The continent usually trades with Agnes to fill each others needs and therefore the 2 continents are very close. The capital city Miralds  handles maintenance of all the pillars on the planet. The Bismarc pillar contains a clone of Volt the spirit of lightning.

Pazelton- the land of the arts which due to its small size is covered in immense amounts of mana that it manifests as a fog . The continent itself is very small and only contains a few cities but it is often depicted as some sort of paradise. It is where meetings between political leaders are held as well as talks about the pillars. The capital Primmel is surrounded by a huge wall and is only reserved for certain people. The Pazelton pillar contains a clone of Maxwell.

The Pot ..I mean the PLOT

100 years have passed since the spirits died out and humans have created pillars to provide mana for the rest of the world. So far the world has been in peace but even so violence occasionally breaks out due to disagreements between factions about the use of the pillars or more likely the uneven distribution of mana a problem usually addressed by the Rosmark military.

Asides from the said conflicts, a mysterious magical phenomena which causes cocoon like entities to form and drain all life within its territory is happening around Mystel baffling scholars everywhere. Although with some effort the cocoons can be destroyed (again usually handled by the Rosmark military the elite ones that is) it doesn't stop others from appearing elsewhere. Due to the fear of generating chaos and panic among the citizens, the government kept it a secret and simply passed it off as work by rebels.

well that's what I have so far I tried to hold back a little to prevent stuff from getting too dark or too eldritch


Similar to Tales of Graces utilizing cc for artes but this time allowing aerial combos as well

The max amount is 5 guys and 5 girls so there..

Upper Body:
Lower Body:
Story weapon/ item (optional)
Blast Caliburs (3 each chara)

1. Name: Cecily Hawkins
Nicknames: Ceci
Weapon: a pair of short swords  one drawn the other sheathed
Fighting Style: Because of an old trauma, even though she uses 2 swords she only learns single blade artes through leveling while some of her dualwield artes are gained though story events while the rest are learned by mastering said dualwield artes. She gains more defense when using one sword while she gains more attack power and speed and loses some defense when dualwielding.
Appearance: https://2img.net/h/i1362.photobucket.com/albums/r691/RukaMilda/cecily_zps46a9ed7a.png
Hometown: Gardenia city Rosemark
Affiliations: Rosemark military academy (student)
                        Rosemark military academy student council ( a sort of assistant)
                        Rosemark military academy student council president (her plush doll)
Story Weapon/Item (optional): Blazing Finale (weapon) obtained after what is probably the most badass revenge sequence I've ever thought about.
Background:A student at the Rosmark military academy assigned to he Wisteria squadron. She joined hoping to provide a better living for her mother who works as a nurse and her sickly father. She's really close to the council president Luciana Arthurs who grew fond of her after she found Cecily training by herself after classes. Luciana taught her how to fight with 2 weapons and the 2 became the best of friends. She also urged Cecily to join the student council as she sees her potential in taking over as council president after she graduates from the academy. Cecily rejects the offer because she thinks she doesn't have what it takes to be her successor. Luciana respects her decision but asks her to try to reconsider as soon as she gains enough confidence in herself.

She is very conscious of her role in the Wisteria squad specially when she's around the class ace Gale Striberg who is considered one of the best fighters in the academy  simply because all of her squadmates excel at something (or everything) which makes her feel useless and left out by being average at everything. Because of this, she actually tries to muster all her courage in one of their missions and try to take the lead wielding both her blades which result in the mission going downhill and her and her allies nearly getting killed. It was the combined effort of Gale and Luciana which saved them and making Cecily lose even more trust in herself.

During their latest mission she gets separated from her group and captured by a group of rebels in hopes of using her as a bargaining chip for the Wisteria squad. But before the plan could be carried out a cocoon appears and attacks the rebels. She manages to get out during the commotion and hide. that's when a mysterious group who seems to be from the government takes over and destroys it before proceeding to kill the survivors. Cecily tries to escape but is cornered to a cliff by the mysterious group telling her that she's seen too much and must be killed. Rather than fight and die, she chose to gamble and jump off the cliff. The attackers assumed her to be dead but she was rescued by a kind family of fishermen.

After recovering, she sets off to find a way back to the academy but instead gets caught in a series of events and discovers a terrifying secret might decide the fate of Mystel itself cue game  

Personality: Cecily naturally is a cheerful girl although a bit shy ,not exactly shy but she's the type that would rather stay in the background simply because she's not used to gaining attention. She serves as the voice of reason when dealing with Luciana’s crazy antics. She doesn’t have a crush on Gale but instead , she envies his hot bloodedness and leadership abilities . she is afraid to die therefore  after nearly dying she refused to use both swords and switched to a more defensive fighting style.
Blast Caliburs:
LV1 Hidden Blade: Azure Fang
LV2 Hidden Blade: Scarlet Flurry
LV3 Hidden Blade: Flower of Bravery
Commentary: As you may notice I'm going for a more unorthodox design for the protagonist mainly because we already have too many redheaded busty tsunderes in anime. And that I want a main whose development from wuss to badass is visible and so and that.

Anyway I’m running out of time so for now
On to the next
2.Name: Frau
Nicknames: Frau-chan
Age:  looks 13 ish
Gender: female
Weapon: Hand axe (no there is no axe ending)
Artes: mostly spells with a few striking artes
Appearance: https://2img.net/h/i1362.photobucket.com/albums/r691/RukaMilda/frau_zps3f0825fd.png
Hometown: ??
Story Weapon/Item
Commentary: our token mini moe plot device character. due to time constraints is to be filled later

Ok guys your turn , submit them characters

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