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 PS3 Item Drop rates

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PostSubject: PS3 Item Drop rates   Sun May 25, 2014 10:51 am

Did they change the item drop rates between the GC version and later versions?

I am getting way more items (and much rarer items) than usual. And with usual I mean the item drop increasing ex skills (which I don't have yet, new game).

From my first battle I got a black quartz. And since I've amassed quite a lot of them. I'm at efreet's, and one enemy keeps dropping 2 red quartz for me. I also picked up a brown one somewhere, my guess is the golems in the Martel Temple.

Also, life bottles. I'm almost drowning in them.

Am I just playing better than I used to and through that increasing item drops, or did they increase the actual rates?
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PS3 Item Drop rates
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