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 New Sailor Moon Dub is out on hulu

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PostSubject: New Sailor Moon Dub is out on hulu   Mon Sep 08, 2014 8:33 am

Okay, I've been going over two episodes of the new dub of Sailor Moon, but as a fan it doesn't feel right to me.

  1. Yes, the theme song's music is the same, somewhat, but the Lyrics are in Japanese.
  2. The Characters just don't feel the same. Jedite sounds about right, Queen Beryl is good, Serena sounds like more of a crybaby than usual, Melvin sounds dorkier, I'll save Serena's mom for Season 4 episode 3, Darien sounds nice, but the biggest complaint I have is with Molly. Why on Earth would they not give her that Brooklyn accent we've all come to know and love? I also think, in my opinion, Nephlite will lose bada** points for his new VA, and this is only from the first 23 episodes.

This isn't me harshing on Sailor Moon, I just feel like I don't connect with her like I used too anymore with this new dub. I'll look at Amy's debut to see what Kate Higgins has done with her.

And the Music sounds like something from the Cloverway dub.
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New Sailor Moon Dub is out on hulu
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