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 TalesGuessr Quote Edition!

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PostSubject: TalesGuessr Quote Edition!   Mon Oct 06, 2014 2:24 pm

Quote a Tales Character, but leave their name out.

The next poster has to guess from which game the quote is, and by which character it is spoken....

And continues the thread by posting another quote from a Tales Character.

Try to abstain from single word quotes and grunts, as they are insanely hard to guess.
Repede can be an exception.

Repeat ad nauseum.

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What is this ominous light that threatens to engulf us?
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PostSubject: Re: TalesGuessr Quote Edition!   Thu Oct 09, 2014 3:57 pm

Regal from Tales of Symphonia!

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Hmph... I knew I wouldn't like you.

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TalesGuessr Quote Edition!
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