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 Growing Seed Quest Possible cut-off point

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Caper the Fox

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PostSubject: Growing Seed Quest Possible cut-off point    Tue Dec 23, 2014 1:01 am

Hi I'm sorry for bothering anyone but, I just completed Fares Isle and currently trying to do the Growing Seed Quest and following this guide http://talesof.cyllya.com/toa/mhm/sidequest.html#seedquest but their are some things on the guide that is incorrect and the guide tells me to gain 2 seeds but another guide at gamefaqs tells me to get 7 seeds instead, At the east side the other guide at gamefaqs tells me the search point to the east of the Kaitzur Naval port has a Pompom seed but when i clicked on the search point it said it couldn't find anything I haven't tried searching the other seeds yet but right now I wanna know is how do i get the Pompom seed i think they guides gave out the wrong location to it. If they didn't then the search point wouldn't said couldn't find anything. So is the growing seed actually missable?

So i need help in completing this sidequest

Thanks to whoever responds this has been bugging me and i was hoping i would get all the titles on my 2nd playthrough that i didn't get on my first but it looks like i missed one and hopefully I didn't miss this one too.
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Growing Seed Quest Possible cut-off point
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