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PostSubject: Loadout   Sat Feb 08, 2014 7:00 pm

The newest F2P explosion fest from developer Uber Entertainment has just recently launched on the Steam. While nothing too groundbreaking, the game is a lot of stupid fun. Run around blowing folks up and competing in various team based challenges and blah blah etc -I'm going to assume you've played an FPS before.

In addition to its somewhat hit-or-miss "edgy" humor, the main thing the game is trying to capitalize is the weapon crafting, which allow you to build your own weapons from various parts that you buy using the game's free currency. In their words:

Loadout Website wrote:
We hope you’re creative, because Weaponcrafting lets you unleash your inner mad-scientist. Build a rocket launcher that fires proximity mines that heal your teammates when they get close. Design a minigun that fires bullets that electrocute your enemies. Create a sniper that unleashes a beam of fire, and a pulse cannon to dominate at all ranges. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, hit the Randomize Button a few times to see the millions of combinations at your fingertips.

In each loadout, you can give your character two separate guns and an item, without any adherence to class or consistency -which is nice. Currently, I'm running around with a big ol' rocket launcher I've dubbed "BLOOD AND THUNDER" and a healing laser named "Lazer-US."

There are little pay wall things, but they're all visual tweaks for the characters and there's no way to directly buy weapon parts or upgrades -though there are the standard time-based "Experience Boosters." I'm a fan of this personally, as it negates the bulk of the whole "Pay-to-Win" conundrum that can sometimes bog these sorts of things down.

Overall, it's good times, though I'll probably be bored of it within a week. If you want to play, my in game username is "DoubleL" and I'll probably be fiddling with it on and off until the aforementioned boredom sets in.


1. You can sign up here and apparently I get things if you use that link? Don't feel obligated to use it.

2. Here's a pretty good video overview from some guy named Leo over at Kotaku:

3. If people post their usernames, I'll record them below:


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