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 Nintendo Direct reactions thread

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PostSubject: Re: Nintendo Direct reactions thread   Tue Nov 17, 2015 5:47 pm

Because Super Smash Bros. cameos are sweet nothings, not expensive commitments.  Cloud and Ryu are in Super Smash Bros. because their series were super duper popular on Nintendo hardware twenty years ago, not because NX has any chance of getting FF7 Remake or any future Street Fighter title.  That seems to be the biggest "legitimate" objection to Cloud: if you're making a few bucks honoring Square's Nintendo past, you should be honoring Square's Nintendo past, not using a later character who just so happens to come from the same series.
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PostSubject: Re: Nintendo Direct reactions thread   Tue Nov 17, 2015 8:33 pm

There is no honor when it comes to corporate market strategy, only deep-seeded, sly greed. I mean, if you hop on to the Theme Store on the 3DS, you'll notice that Sega released themes that are dedicated to their old home consoles. While not completely related to my point, I find it strange when you consider Sega and Nintendo's media-bred rivalry back then and what became of them today.

Square hasn't thoroughly honored "homage" to FF6(Nintendo's "last" official FF game)other than ports/whole franchise support. If Square were to follow the honor logic and through interest, and get Sakurai to agree, I would expect to see Cecil from FF4 other than Cloud and the other Nintendo FF characters since the FF team apparently love that game so much. As known, Cloud is too much of a poster boy to the franchise as FF7 made it's 3D game debut at a perfect time.
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Nintendo Direct reactions thread
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