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 Colette's Japanese Arte Names

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PostSubject: Colette's Japanese Arte Names   Thu Mar 12, 2015 11:50 pm

Hello all who are also concerned or curious,

I'm here to discuss Colette's arte names. Specifically,


(The following is only brainstorming; I don't actually solve any mysteries.)

In many places I see them transliterated to "Ray Thrust", "Ray Shiraze", and "Rimue Layer", respectively, but I have problems with "shiraze" and "rimue" considering that they aren't legitimate words in any common language. I assume these words were generated due to the absence of any agreeable translations for シレーゼ and リミュエ.

Does anyone have any ideas or preconceived opinions about these two words?

What I noticed is that Colette uses a couple music-themed words, like ソルフェージュ solfège and パルティータ partita. シレーゼ sounded Latin enough to me to research it (for a Latin language translation), and one word I found was laisses, pronounced /lɛse/ (fitting the レーゼ) and the plural of "laisse", which was a poetic French stanza that utilized a repeating motif within a poem or song. The problem is シ gets disconnected from the word. If laisses (or a similar word) was the idea for the arte name, レイシ could be considered its own word. Acknowledging that レイヤー layer also holds a potential レイ ray in its translation, yet may actually translate to "layer" (grammatically unrelated to "ray"), レイシ could also diverge from being a "ray" arte. Or maybe レイヤー was intended to be an Engrish "rayer".

Finishing my brainstorm, I figured if somehow レイシ and レーゼ were separate words, they'd both be in the same language: French. I did more research and have yet to find something... Retreating to Japanese, I've heard "reishi" in some Japanese franchises (Bleach and Yu-Gi-Oh!, if they don't jeopardize the legitimacy) to be "spirit energy" of sorts.

In the end, I have レイシレーゼ potentially being translated to "Reishi Laisses", a French-Japanese conglomeration meaning "Spirit Stanza" (very roughly)... Which is horrid. What I want to believe (like the others) is that there's a word out there like "chileser" /ʃilɛse/ that I'm just yet to find.

Ridiculous speculation over.

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Colette's Japanese Arte Names
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