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 Who Should Estelle End Up With?

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Bo Staff Katana
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PostSubject: Who Should Estelle End Up With?   Sat Apr 04, 2015 10:32 pm

I recently started playing through Tales of Vesperia again, and a question popped in my head. At the beginning of the game, it does seem as Estelle has a crush on Flynn. However, as the game progresses, it seems as if Estelle may care more for Yuri (granted, they are traveling together, and thus Yuri and Estelle have more time together than Flynn and Estelle). I really want to go in a TEAM YURI or TEAM FLYNN direction, but I only know about the Twilight movies because I have been married for almost 7 years and my wife at one time liked those movies. I digress.

Who would you want Estelle to end up with and why? Also, who do you think Estelle ends up with, and why? I apologize if this is made obvious at the end of the game and I have just forgotten it.

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King Cat the Sixth


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PostSubject: Re: Who Should Estelle End Up With?   Sun Apr 05, 2015 9:45 am

ristelle 4 lyfe

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PostSubject: Re: Who Should Estelle End Up With?   Sun Apr 05, 2015 3:40 pm

"More than once I've seen Estelle around the campfire with Yuri just gazin' right at 'em."

"It's hard NOT to stare what with all the stupid stuff that comes out of his mouth."


"Estelle definitely casts First Aid on him a lot more than the rest of us..."

"Yeah and he's not the only one who's gonna need First Aid in a second!"

"Waaa! What the heck did I do?!"


"I do seem to recall many times where the two of them would leave the inn at night."

"Woof!" (She's right!)

"Seems a bit suspicious if you ask me..."

"Going out for a bit of night air is not suspicious!"

*Later that night at camp*

"Man, what's the deal with everyone today? They're all so wrong... Aren't they?"

*Yuri walks over*

"Y'know Rita, the whole point of a secret is that nobody is supposed to know about it."

"...The hell?!"

"I have no idea what you're going on about."

"Looking the part also helps, just so ya know."

"AGAIN, no idea what you're yammering on about!"

*Estelle wakes up from all the noise*

"...Rita? What's wrong?"

"Nothin' major. I was just giving her advice on how to make radical pancakes but she was havin' none of it."


"Anyway, I'm obviously getting nowhere with her so I'm calling it a night."

"Oh....well good night, Yuri!"

*As Yuri walks off he can hear Estelle fussing over Rita, obviously picking up on something bothering her*

"You owe me, Rita..."

[spoilerbox="Bonus bit!"]
"If there was ever a textbook definition of blossomin' love those two would be it."

"I dunno, old man. Your blossoming love with that one waitress back in Dahngrest is a pretty good contender!"

"Outfits like hers are a difficult thing for a man to ignore."

"....You've got a point there."[/spoilerbox]

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Bo Staff Katana
Fatal Old Man

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PostSubject: Re: Who Should Estelle End Up With?   Sun Apr 05, 2015 10:52 pm

I both love you and hate you right now, Suiki. I love you because that was awesome. I hate you because I really want to play Vesperia right now, but I am only just past Ehmead Hill, so I won't be getting Raven in my party anytime soon. You guys never fail to amaze me.

"Only the living have the privilege of saying they'll fight to the last breath. Words like conviction and resolve don't mean much to a dead man." ~ Raven
Frosting is the magic that turns muffins into cupcakes.
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PostSubject: Re: Who Should Estelle End Up With?   Sun Apr 05, 2015 11:56 pm

Well, playing through ToV, I though of the following things:

Estelle and Yuri could potentially be a couple, but that wouldn't happen anytime soon (after the end of ToV). Also, just because he's the main character doesn't meant that the main female character should fall for him.

Yuri does love her very much, but I don't think he sees her that way.

If you ask me, Judith and Yuri couple has more potential Smile

In any case, in many JRPGs I've played, it is always hinted that the a (or many) female party member may have a crush on the main male character. Just because it is hinted doesn't mean it's official.

In ToSc, it is hinted that Sheena may very well have a crush on Lloyd, but that will not be cannon (unless I'm dead wrong).

Anyway, back to your point. Who should Estelle end up with? Well, I don't think she's going to end up with anyone anytime soon. She probably is going to explore the world some more with her dear friends! Love is something that will come later for her, in her new adventure that doesn't involve saving the world.

Could it be Flynn? Well, perhaps it is more hinted in the PS3 version. In the PS4 version, we got a skit about it and that was pretty much it.

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School Idol

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PostSubject: Re: Who Should Estelle End Up With?   Mon Apr 06, 2015 1:15 am

King Cat the Sixth wrote:
ristelle 4 lyfe

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PostSubject: Re: Who Should Estelle End Up With?   Mon Apr 06, 2015 10:08 am

^Solid Gold Suikoden, Solid Gold.
I actually read their phrases with their voices. Man that was fun.

In DotNW, if you pick Sheena as Lloyd's travelling companion, it turns out they are very definitely dating. Probably not canon though.


Very interesting topic indeed, I am tempted to hijack the idea and make one for some of the other Tales of Games as well…

But for now, I’ll try to discuss Estelle and her possible pairings in great detail, as far as I can remember them…

I know nothing about Patty, so unfortunately I am going to have to skip this pairing.

When I first played through the game, I too was under the impression that Estelle had at least a little crush on Flynn Rider Scifo. However, as progress was made through the game, that illusion was crushed. Estelle really is a kind-hearted goody two shoes at the start of the game who has nothing more than Flynn’s best interests at heart and genuinely wants to warn him of his impending… death?
I do not know how Flynn and Estelle interact in skits in VePS3ria, but as far as the original game is concerned, I did not see them hooking up.
Perhaps, after the game when years of servitude in knight- and queenly virtues have passed, they might grow to depend on one another as husband and wife. If Flynn’s low upbringing won’t stand in the way that is…
I see no signs of passionate love however, although that could just be a lot more subtle in the intricate world of the high court.

Sodia is too preoccupied with Flynn to notice anyone else. Would she be interested in sharing the captain with a princess if that meant she would be noticed by her Senpai? Probably. But Flynn would be vehemently against it. Let’s face it, Sodia x Estellise is doomed to fail.

While there are many, many fanfics, doujins, franarts and gifs out there pairing Repede with literally everyone you can think of, and although Repede is as sentient as a human at the very least, he is still a dog, and therefore can not be seriously paired with Estelle. It is simply below her station. Bestiality is a no.

While Karol and Estelle get along just fine, I get the feeling that Estelle views Karol more as a little brother kind of guy, while Karol has his eyes set on someone his own age. Of course, if we were to look at Karol from a different perspective, perhaps one given by one of our members that have sadly left these forums with the second purge, Karol would be shippable with everyone. I am of course, talking about Tales of Vesperia 2: Tales of Karol, in which eight successive generations of time traveling Karols (of varying ages) team up to save the world, correct me if I’m wrong. There would be enough Karol for everyone, and surely one of those eight would be a more serious contender for Estellise’s affection than Karol Capel the first. Just don’t ship them into a temporal paradox, please.

Witcher is a brat. Would Estellise Sidos Heurassein date him? God no, she has standards.

Nan and Estelle… Nah.

Tison, without the hood, is a creepy old fellow. With the hood he is a creepy hooded fellow. In either case he is obsessed with monsters, and has no time for romance, except when it comes to mourning those he loved and lost. While Estelle, like quite a lot of Tales Heros and Heroines before her, definitely has a penchant for sacrificing herself, I do not think she would do so for the likes of Tison.

Clint, like Tison, is totally obsessed with monsters and seems to pay even less attention to anything that is not related to monsters. As Estellise does not seem to be related to monsters, he would ignore her by default. However, as it happens Estellise is basically a super weapon capable of taking out Entelexeia with the same spells she can heal the Hunting Blades with. He would definitely want to recruit her into his guild, but he could never return her affections. Not that there would ever be any to return.

Ah, the de facto revolving backstabbing lovable sex maniac flailing ladies man traitor of the game. There are two Ravens, really. The exterior Raven the world is privy to, and the interior Raven that the world is not privy to. Exterior Raven would not be a good match for Estellise. He would break her heart with his flirty ways… For those that might think different, I don’t think she is quite rebellious and adventurous enough to endorse the occasional third person in their relationship. On the other hand, I like to think that inner Raven is much more caring and considerate, and would focus all of his affection on Estelle. They would be sickening sweethearts to the contempt of everyone around them (“get a room you two!”) and I fear that Estelle is not up for such a relationship. A relationship of the mind is much more important! And probably not what Raven, being who he is, has in mind...

Justellise/ Edith:
I like to think Estellise would be completely swept away by a gallant and forward beauty such as Judith. But whether Judith would ever be serious about the whole thing or would just prefer to stay almost-friends-with-benefits-if-not-for-our-other-companions I can not say. If she would some day develop feelings for Estelle she can not handle, chances are she will disappear into the night with her faithful Ba’ul, leaving the rest of the party stranded…
In a city of course, she’s not a monster.
Chances are Yuri will hunt her down the following morning. Which in turn might lead to a whole rush of other feelings, the party disbanding, a lot of wine and Estellise eventually ending up in an apartment one morning with no recollection of what happened the previous night, with all of her clothes missing but a naked Rita Mordio next to her in bed. These events, of course, would all play out in Judy’s head before she would even consider falling for anyone other than Ba’ul.
I think however, that Judith is better off paired with someone who can show her a good time through action and adventure, like Yuri.

Yuri and Estellise can depend on each other and definitely feel a deep affection for one another. I don’t see them ever going beyond that point though. Yuri needs a woman of action with a bit of a wild side, like sodia Judith. Estelle and Yuri do trust each other unconditionally though, especially towards the end. Still, I think she sees him as a good friend, not as a romantic interest. Which makes me wonder, what would Yuri find “romantic”? Maybe he would prefer “roam-antic”.
Either way, I don’t think they would ever actually get married. They might stick together through thick and thin for the rest of their lives however, but whether they would be the best of friends or actually be in a relationship… who can say?

We all know this term! With a shipper-on-deck, the one who coined the very term in fact, it is hard not to cheer for this couple. They are awkward, they are adorkable and their fanart is of breathtaking quality… sometimes. They definitely seem very fond of each other in a confusing sort of way, almost to the point where you could see them change their relationship status to “it’s complicated” on BlastiaBook. With so many events in the game seeming determined to establish them as a will-they-won’t-they couple they have a copious amount of screen time interacting with one another, so it becomes easy to compare them to the other pairings. Rita obviously has a bit of a crush on Estelle and is fiercely protective of her, but whether this is simply because she doesn’t have any other friends, or because they have a “romantic friendship” or because she genuinely wants to love the ever-loving-everything out of Estelle, is up for debate. My personal guess is that they are deeply invested in a romantic friendship, in which they go on dates together and share everything with each other, but are not actually in a relationship like a wife and wife would be. Apparently romantic friendships between women and between men were quite common in the olden days in Europe at the very least. I wonder what Terca Lumireis has to say on the matter.
Of course, if they were ever to give in to their base animal instincts or desires on one of these dates, the uncountable amount of fanart would be proven right and this would probably lead to many an awkward or even uncomfortable situation in their life.

If Estellise were completely mad, she could be in for a wild relationship with resident psychopath Zagi. Alas, she is not. It’s not even close!

Barbos is too much of a loose cannon for poor little Estellise Sidos Heurassein. She would want a man she can talk with and share stories and ideals with. Barbos does not fit those criteria in the slightest. Would he love her? Can he love at all?

Estellise would never fall for a creep like Ragou. I think she would even be opposed to an arranged marriage with the man. Ragou, of course, would marry her without so much as a second thought! Think of all the perks that come with being married to a princess. Of course, he would have to act a little more secretive about his whole slave smuggling ring.

Cumore is too much of a haughty high court lady for Estellise’s tastes, I’m sure.

Alexstellise Sidos Dinoiassein
There seems to be no case of Stockholm Syndrome between Alexei Dinoia and Estellise Sidos Heurassein, but this might simply be quite well hidden. Alexei at the very least is definitely obsessed with the little princess, and goes to excessive lengths to be able to spend time with her. She, in return, protects him by fighting off her close companion Yuri at some point. Wait… Does that mean there WAS a case of Stockholm Syndrome? She wasn’t mind-controlled, was she? She claimed her body was moving on its own! …. right? RIGHT?

Eet is Yeager-time, yah? A truly kindhearted and thoroughly misunderstood individual with dubious motives who doesn’t stop at anything to get things done. Also has an obsession with orphanages. To be honest, I could see Yeager and Estellise set out to aid orphanages around the world through their shared acts of benevolence, but whether they would ever grow closer together on their journeys to the point of a budding romance, I could not say.
Regaey… is much too timid and too much of a stammerer. With Yuri around, Estelle would be too occupied to open up to such an odd fellow.

Khroma is an interesting… character. Not much is known about her except that she betrays Alexei. I could see them meeting one another in the courtyard of the royal palace one fateful afternoon, which possibly results in an awkward chat. And a follow-up awkward chat the next day. As the both of them don’t seem to have many friends on the palace grounds, they might grow to depend on one another and their encounters will help them develop a beautiful friendship. Seeing how Khroma is a very busy person as Alexei’s assistant, Estellise would probably be forced to share her attentions (and affections) between Flynn and Khroma, whenever one of them is around, the other probably is not. Perhaps they might enjoy a spot of afternoon tea with the three of them (under heavy supervision of her royal guards) in the gardens sometime. Khroma strikes me as a person who does not have many friends and takes her objective very seriously, which paves the road for some serious potential awkwardness when she thinks of her little chats with Estellise about nothing in particular, followed by violent blushing, burying her face in pillows and mumbling to herself why she feels this way. In a purely friendship-kind of way, of course. After many such encounters Khroma would grow to be a fierce defender of her only lady-friend, making it absolutely clear that whoever messes with the princess will get mauled in their sleep. Repeatedly.
Until they don’t wake up anymore.
Dammit, now I want Khroma to be a playable character.

Gauchestellise and Estroite:
A menage a trois, eh? I have no clue how this would work out. Are Gauche and Droite directly related as sisters, or merely both adopted by Yeager? Who knows? Who can tell?
Would they mesh well with Estellise? I do not think so, but prove me wrong if you can.

Duke Pantestellisei:
Perhaps, in the future after the events of the game, Duke Pantarei and Estellise would happen upon one another in a shaded parts of one of the many woods, near a lake with a deer, drinking from it obliviously. They would exchange a few words, purely enigmatic on Duke’s part, and then Estellise would move on with her journey.
This would happen numerous times, and with time, they would start to hope to run into each other on their journeys. Their encounters however, are few and far between, and Duke never seizes the chance to strike up a real conversation...

Ioder and Estellise are more like siblings, and not the incestual kind. They could hang out with Flynn and Khroma during afternoon tea to freak out everyone in the palace. They might enjoy that! Flynn wouldn’t.

Wonder Chefellise:
Estellise, ever so impressed by Yuri’s cooking and his “secret ingredient” would be blown away by the culinary wonders the Wonder Chef would be able to have her experience. She would taste flavorful richness every day, and perhaps that would be all their relationship would consist of. They say the road to a woman’s heart is through her stomach…
But is the Wonder Chef man enough to make this happen? Does he have enough of a personality to back up his gig and his schtick? Who is this man that is wearing the hat? What is this mysterious and overwhelming aura? Can Estellise reach through to this man and unveil his wondrous persona? Will they be able to finish each other’s sandwiches? Or will she be forever lured away by his cooking, perpetually trapped in taste bud heaven, unable to grant the Chef himself true happiness as she cannot see through his facade of delectable culinary prowess?

Everloving Belius… While they might be a good match somehow, you can see how their first meeting turned out. They would love each other very much, but their very nature would forbid them from being together, from even seeing each other through anything other than a telescopic lens! Their agonizing tale of romance would put Romeo and Juliet to shame, for it is not their families that forbid them to be together, but their very existence. While this pairing definitely has the makings of an agonizingly romantic tale of forbidden love culminating in their mutual destruction, I care too deeply for both of their wellbeing, and sadly I can not condone this pairing.

Don Whitehorstellise:
Old. Badass. Smells like old spice. This is the man your man could smell like. You would still need some serious imagination to pair Don Whitehorse with Estellise though, as I see zero synergy (or anti-synergy) between them. This would just culminate in unprecedented blandness.

As much as it pains me to say this, Mary Kaufman is too much of a professional to allow herself to fall for anyone, much less a potential client. And everyone is a potential client. I do, however, see a potential business alliance with Estellise and Yeager, as a means to amass funds for the poor children in the orphanage. That’s what the money is going to be used for right? Right? Kaufman?
That, or I might have read their potential relationship completely the wrong way. They could be serious professionals by day, fooling everyone with their exteriors of tact and grace and doing business, but by night they have all the interesting conversations the world has to offer, about ledgers they read, history books that promise unbelievable treasure or geological accounts covering vast natural resources that are yearning to be exploited. All, of course, in the comfort of their bed- or bathroom and the steady company of a glass of red wine. Kaufman would definitely be the one opening the bottle every time, with Estellise routinely stammering objections for five seconds before gladly giving in.

So who should Estellise end up with?
There can only be three one answers!


From Tales of Xillia.

This perfect gentleman is a loving and caring individual with a great amount of knowledge of just about everything. A true dork once you get to know him, his elegance and wonder at the marvels of life only matched by Estellise. They could travel the world together, experiencing everything it has to offer, participating in seemingly endless discussions on just about everything. They read about it all in books, you see, and their enthusiastic outbursts of joy at seeing all of these things in person would truly be a sight to behold. Their happiness would be infectious and soon they would leave a trail of happy people behind them, content with such marvels and wonders as everyday life has to offer, in the world of Terca Lumireis. And trust me, there are a lot of those. Soon, the entire country would be uplifted to a higher standard of living through being content with their life, alone!

Dratz! Apparently Judy and Rita are also a popular ship. I haven't given it much thought yet myself, but if they do end up in a pairing, that would mean both Yudith and Ristelle are out...
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Bo Staff Katana
Fatal Old Man

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PostSubject: Re: Who Should Estelle End Up With?   Fri Apr 10, 2015 6:10 pm

I was playing Vesperia the other day and my wife was watching me play. I had just gotten to Nor Harbor and caught up with Flynn, so Estelle ran up to him and hugged him and they had their little moment. My wife asked me who Estelle ends up with. I just thought some of you would find this fact amusing. That's why I shared this.

@Sliv: You forgot about the guy who tells you hints about Synthesis. I never knew he had a name until I spoke with him in Nor Harbor. You may have also overlooked the Italian speaking guy who keeps getting Raven to be his guinea pig near the end. I have forgotten both of their names already.

"Only the living have the privilege of saying they'll fight to the last breath. Words like conviction and resolve don't mean much to a dead man." ~ Raven
Frosting is the magic that turns muffins into cupcakes.
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PostSubject: Re: Who Should Estelle End Up With?   Sun Apr 12, 2015 6:17 pm

I prefer Ristelle myself, maybe Flystelle, I've never seen Yuri and Estelle at all though I vaguely recall something saying she has a crush on him but he feels "fatherly love" towards her, ouch.


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PostSubject: Re: Who Should Estelle End Up With?   Mon May 11, 2015 4:12 am

Yuri and Estelle, it was meant to be.

Also Rita is only 15, too young.


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PostSubject: Re: Who Should Estelle End Up With?   Sun May 17, 2015 9:26 pm

I've always preferred Yustelle than any other ship in the world, and I believe that was the way it was meant to be. It just sucks that it isn't really cannon.

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PostSubject: Re: Who Should Estelle End Up With?   Mon May 18, 2015 2:31 am

Ristelle or death.

In all seriousness, though, I'd rather if she didn't end up with anyone. Vesperia's cast had such a tight familial bond that any of them getting paired up is really gross to me.

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PostSubject: Re: Who Should Estelle End Up With?   

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Who Should Estelle End Up With?
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