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 Some Vesperia-related things I wanted to get off my chest.

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Cless Aileron


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PostSubject: Some Vesperia-related things I wanted to get off my chest.   Thu Jun 04, 2015 8:15 pm

In another form of this forum, I have talked about some aspect of how I feel like my interest in Tales has diminished. One aspect of it has been in regards to Tales of Vesperia.

I think the one place I can definitely start is one particular unpopular opinion I have that I am so ashamed of myself for that A. I hate myself for it and B. I couldn't even say it in my own created, "Unpopular Tales Opinion" topic.

Okay, I actually did not find the third act of Tales of Vesperia to be horrible like everyone else. Only problem is...I can't even explain why that's the case, nonetheless give a good explanation to even justified that. After all, no one, I mean, no one thinks the third act of Tales of Vesperia was good. So there, my taste in games (or anything) is just awful (After all, I'm the same guy that say Dawn of the New World wasn't terrible).

Then I hear about how the story with Tales of Vesperia was written so terribly (with the second probably the least terribly written). I just realize again how awful I am about being critical & just turning my brain off. I still have the same feeling of not being any better than someone who ended up watching one of Michael Bay's Transformers movie (supporting a sub-par product). Combine that the Tales fanbase seems to really takes their stories & its critical analysis as serious business, I feel like, on principle, that I've been losing respect for Tales of Vesperia. Yet, I still hear it treated like the greatest thing ever when I feel like Tales of Vesperia really should have lost all integrity after the third act the same way that the Mass Effect series lost all integrity after Mass Effect 3's ending.

As much as I hate using these words and usually keeping them out of my vocabulary, I feel about ready to start calling Tales of Vesperia overrated for this reason. Heck, I'm feeling like there wasn't much in regards to character development either (well, I don't remember Rita developing much if anything). As for Yuri, I actually have been feeling like he's pretty much to Tales as Tommy Oliver is to Power Rangers (i.e. that character people worship, regardless of if there are better characters in their series. Weird part is, I've been wanting to make that analogy for some time.).

Of course, there's also that...PS3 port. Never have I seen a port as overhyped as this one. It's not like the story was written any better nor did they fix that third act everyone hated so much. It's just going from "The crappy third act you hate so much" to "The crappy third act you hate so much, just with two extra character." This is also getting me to realize that extra content doesn't exactly make you better. It just makes you a Director's Cut. If it was a better version, the story would have been rewritten to, well, not be so terrible!

I feel like my lack of respect for Tales of Vesperia all started because of one thing starting the chain reaction...me not finding the third act of Tales of Vesperia to be horrible like everyone else does. Maybe I'm finally getting this off my chest because maybe it's time I get a wake up call that I'm an idiot because I need my critical analysis spoon fed into my mouth because I'm too much of an idiot to do it myself to critically analyze every single detail to realize what is objectively bad writing! Heck, I'll be very thrilled if someone actually call me an idiot!
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Bo Staff Katana
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PostSubject: Re: Some Vesperia-related things I wanted to get off my chest.   Thu Jun 04, 2015 9:05 pm

I don't think we always need justification for the things we like or dislike. It does make it easier to explain to people if we can find justification, but sometimes, at the end of the day, we just like things to like things and dislike things to dislike things. Also, some people are very good at analyzing things and voicing their opinions. Others (like me) not so much. I like all of Vesperia. My favorite video game character of all time is Raven. You shouldn't be ashamed for liking the third act of Vesperia. You also shouldn't feel ashamed for having a different opinion than everyone. I am really sorry that others, especially if this includes myself, made you feel that way. If other people can't tolerate a different opinion than the norm, that is their problem, not yours.

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Some Vesperia-related things I wanted to get off my chest.
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