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 ToX2 : Discussion Endings

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PostSubject: ToX2 : Discussion Endings   Sat Jul 25, 2015 7:19 am

so... I want to adress something that's been burning under my nails for a while...

the question of which Ludger (according to which ending) will turn into Victor.

i have read terrible theories about it from people who proved to know little and simpyl ran their mouths... because obviously the bad ending (Julius ending) can't be the one. but I'll give ouy a run down each one...

"true ending"
Well, Ludger's dead (*cries eyes out*) so that one is certainly not it.

"normal ending"
Elle dies and Ludger lives on.
in my books THIS MIGHT be the one that turns Ludger. might, because there is still one big flaw: Ludger's daughter is most likely not a Key of Kresnik since the Elle he met already was. and they only pop up evrey few generations.
Question again though... how similar are these fractured dimensions? is something like who becomes the Key of Kresnik alike as well? since it's related to what creates these dimension I thought maybe it's different.

"bad ending"
strangely enough many think this is it. and superficially there are similarities to the events told about Victor's past.
but there are too many contradicitons. Jude and the others died 2 years later, Jude even having a scientific breakthrough by then and largely changing the world.

"none of the above"
if none of these fit, then I am tempted to say that Victor could onl yever exist in a scenario where he had 1) seen Elle die and 2) has a daughter who is sought after as well due to being the key of Kresnik.
because all he actually did was protecting his infant daughter and i'm compelled to pat him on the back for that.

so......what where you always thinking? or...where even... XD
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ToX2 : Discussion Endings
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