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 Winx Season 7

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PostSubject: Winx Season 7   Sat Aug 08, 2015 3:45 pm

Remember when 4kids went Belly up? well think back of the transition between season 8 and 9 of pokemon. DuArt continued the Pokemon craze. Well, they did it again with season 7. Got some talent old and new for Winx season 7.

I bring this up because Suzy Myers, who was Stormy during season 1-3, returns as Roxy. Kinda like how Rob Paulsen, who was Raphael in the 80's TMNT is the new Donatello. Suzy is Roxy.

Also other va's from 4kids past return for new roles and pokemon as well.

So what does everyone think of season 7.
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Winx Season 7
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