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 Gotta Protectors/Minna de Mamotte Knight

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PostSubject: Gotta Protectors/Minna de Mamotte Knight   Fri Jul 29, 2016 6:02 am

So, Protect Me Knight was an Xbox Live Indie Game by Yuzo Koshiro's studio Ancient. It was super hype because unlike most retro indie devs, the guy has been making music afor games since the MSX and Genesis days, he IS retro! Etrian Odyssey, yes all of them, is arguably his most noteworthy work. It was a basic class-based action game with light tower defense mechanics in that enemies break barricades to reach the princess at the center, and you can create barricades and fight.

Protect Me Knight 2 has been in development for a couple years and it's finally out for 16.99 Canadian, with a progression system based around giving various foodstuffs to people for new weapons and skills, and 6 classes to play as with four player local co-op including single-owner download play, QR code map-sharing and creating, and a really amusing storyline that parodies classic fantasy anime and breaks the fourth wall.

It's simple but super addictive and endlessly charming, a perfect downloadable game. Check out the website to see some of its humour and retro self-awarenes.

Everytime you start the game, it appears corrupted on a TV with a SNES on the lower screen; you press A to remove the cart, the first time this happened I felt compelled to blow into the mic...A again reinserts the cart and the game starts. I felt silly because it never prompted me, but the next time I just reinserted the cart twice without blowing and the game was still corrupt, and THEN it prompted me with a mic icon, how awesome is that? It doesn't beat you over the head like most Nintendo games do when referencing this (likein Wario Ware) and still lets you skip the preamble with Start even the very first time.


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Gotta Protectors/Minna de Mamotte Knight
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