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 Berseria PC looking real good, for the most part

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PostSubject: Berseria PC looking real good, for the most part   Wed Jan 11, 2017 2:00 pm

Just going off the demo, of course.

It's got Denuvo, some form of Zestiria's audio glitch, occasionally runs into Zestiria's "bullet time" problem, in which any framerate between 30 and 60 causes slow-mo (fullscreen mode and silencing V-Sync kicks it for me), and renders some post-processing stuff at a set 512 x 256 like Zestiria and Dragon Ball Xenoverse did leading to a touch of faux-aliasing in places.  But beyond that, the keyboard controls are coherent, it has far more visual nobs to twist, a 30 FPS cap option for the low-end or bullet-time ridden machine, and the same lappy of mine that could never consistently run TZFix'd Zestiria at 60 FPS is having no problems with Bersey at high SMAA + no shadows.

And Kaldaien's preliminary fix topic (just an audio fix at the moment) just got officially pinned.

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Berseria PC looking real good, for the most part
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