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 Rush: Vapor Trails REMIXED

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PostSubject: Rush: Vapor Trails REMIXED   Rush: Vapor Trails REMIXED 07v2DaMWed Feb 05, 2014 6:22 am

Tis my honor to make the 1st music themed article in this revamped forum about a great band with a revamped album.

Rush: Vapor Trails REMIXED 51g0KvtruXL

Rush's Vapor Trails album was the band's comeback album in 2002 after a long yet understandable hiatus, when drummer/lyricist/God Neil Peart lost his daughter to a car accident & wife to cancer months later. Was definitely a strong comeback tour and lead to the band's strong heavier sound throughout their next albums throughout the year. Less keyboards, more drums, more solos, more rock. Their album itself did well, despite the album itself being kinda a mess. The album had a loud sound to it, too loud. The mixing was just off, which was a shame cuss these were pretty neat songs. But hearing it, it sounds like listening into a cave, i dunno how to describe it. But now, after years, the album finally got tweeked and was released late last year.

Rush: Vapor Trails REMIXED 25510

Hearing these songs again but hearing them like they're brand new is something as a Rush fan I heavily enjoy. Back then, maybe because of the audio issues, Vapor Trails wasn't really my favorite album. I respected the album for what it was, and what Neil was trying to get across throughout his lyrics and such, but compared to other albums it just didn't really do anything for me. Ceiling Unlimited was my only favorite song from that album, I liked the other ones, but I couldn't tell you any of their names other than Ghost Rider & sometimes Earthshine. Now, hearing Ceiling Unlimited again but kinda different, it just pumps me up everytime I hear it. And every song of the album is like a breath of fresh air. I don't love every song on the album, but I definitely like them a hell of lot better than how they were before.

Link to playlist on the youtubes

So, any Rush fans give the remix a listen to? Your thoughts? Also, what's your fave album?
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Rush: Vapor Trails REMIXED
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