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 Tales of Infinity RP Discussion/OC/Sign up

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Tales of Infinity RP Discussion/OC/Sign up  Empty
PostSubject: Tales of Infinity RP Discussion/OC/Sign up    Tales of Infinity RP Discussion/OC/Sign up  07v2DaMSun Feb 02, 2014 4:12 pm

Tales of Infinity RP Discussion/OC/Sign up  ByoeaB1

Humans- The Natural life of Terracara
Half-Elves- Can use only some of the Holy arts, can gave both
Elves- Decendents of Angels- can use Holy Arts, mostly healing arts but some can be very destructive
Drakens - Decendents of Demons. They Can use Devil Arts, Dark arts that both Humand and Elves cant use.
Half-Draken- they like the regular Draken can use Devil arts but not to the full extent, They can have strengths of both there races but also have there weaknesses

Note: Draken and Elves are the same Like blood elves and Dark elves, there blood lines cant mix ( If anyone wants to they will have to explain how it happened
and make it work to my mind ^^)

Mizunova : A city based on technology it floats above the sea connected to the ground
by the Aqua ways, Paths to the City. It is the Home to the Summon Spirit of Water, Undine

Feltora : A city hidden within the mountains it is known for its lasting and well defended fortress
Glitora, the home of the earth summon spirit, Gnome, Most Draken live in this land

Belthra : The Nation of soilders, They are known for there exellent battle tactics and knowladge of the anchent ways.
This nation has the most summon spirits, Effret (Fire), Sylph (Wind) and Rai (Light).

Keldal: The Elven nation, they used to hold two of the worlds summon spirits, However the Captial of Harmony was destroyed
and the Summon Spirit maxwell was lost to the world. The new capital is Tricia the home of Shadow.

In the time time before the world there where the angels. They had peace in the land of Baldur, there was no pain or strife. Till a faction wanted more rights, more power
This erupted into a terrable war that scared there home and forced Gabrial the angels greatest general to create 7 Power weapons called the Holy blades. This turned the tide of battle in there favor
But the land was torn appart and broken... without Baldur the land under it would wither and die. So the Lord Michael made a choice to seal himself inside the world and give it mana until the day that it was no longer needed.
Baldur shattered and fell to Terracara in seven shards, the seven strongest and most noble Angels bonded there spirits to the shards they themselfs becoming the Summon Spirits of this world. All other Angels and Demons had to live on
Terracara as time past they changed and became Elves and Draken the worlds most magicly inclined people. Over time Nations appeared and grew in power and the legend of the Baldur became nothing more then legend and myth.

The world as this moment is in a state of peace but who knows how long that will last. All the lands have signed a peace treaty but somthing foul is in the air outposts and camps are being attacked by unknown forces and each of the nations
are blaming one another. Will you solve this problem or are you the cause and what this dark groups or nations intentions for starting a war on this scale... Only time and you can tell.

1: Blade Master: They are jacks of all trade master to no one weapon. They can use a special magic that allows them to store there weapons in an Ethereal Locker, depending on your age and training will account to how many weapons you may have (with some exception ill make to see who can)
17-20: 2
21-25: 4
26-32: 6
2: Magus: The mages of this world, they have the skill to master one Element and a Sub element
(To master 1 element you must be older then 20) Gifted mages and master 2 elements and 1 sub
3: Cherubim: They are the healers they use Phonic Arts to heal or call upon lesser magics
4: Dragoon: Lancers with a style like no other. Dragoons are said to be accepted by a Dragon and there lances blessed with fire. They are slow but dont get hit by them it just might blow a hole right through you.
6: Sol Gunner: These gunners use there magic to create bullets they are fast and agile they love to dance around enemies firing with no sign of stopping
7: Swordsmen: these masters of the sword are quick and strong they fight useinf a 1 or two handed blade and are able to fire off arts easier the say Dragoons.

Or you can make a custom these are just some ideas for ya ^^

1: No God modding
2: Have fun
3: No flaming or Drama
4: No killing unless the person okays it

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Tales of Infinity RP Discussion/OC/Sign up
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